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November 10, 2008


Kelly Tomlinson

Just like that Italian restaurant at the La Familia, I predict Bolsa will be closed in a year. $28 for a sandwich and 2 beers? No, thank you! That's not the type of development my neighborhood needs. I noticed you called out Gloria's and Bolsa but you ignored the best taqueria in Oak Cliff, El Si Hay, located at that same corner. THAT is Oak Cliff. Are they on your radar or not? Do they fit into an Oak Cliff that looks like Uptown's 5-story condo's on 80% filled lots? I eat there 5x more often than Gloria's. And I say leave them alone. Look, ultimately, the integrity of our corner of Oak Cliff needs to remain intact, or we might as well live in Uptown, Plano, Coppell or any other developer-planned neighborhood instead of one master planned a hundred years ago. I'd rather let Dave Spence lovingly restore one building at a time than allow a cookie-cutter master plan within 6 miles of my front door and increase density astronomically. Its hard enough to cross Davis now and it can't be widened!

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