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November 18, 2008



Regarding Lancaster ISD, the response from Dr Lewis's attorney is posted at http://bestsouthwest.blogspot.com/2008/11/lewis-attorney-responds.html

The commentor who noted this to me writes:

One interesting bit about Neal Adams' response to Harold Jones' accusations about Larry Lewis is the awards. Jones says Lewis paid promised awards from public funds without any support under board policy, and without any budget authority. Adams never addressed the "awards" issue at all in the response. The Jones report specifically indicates that "Paying the cash awards out of public funds was an illegal expenditure of public funds. Every taxpayer in the District has standing to bring suit against the District and even seek an injunction preventing the illegal expenditure. See Osboren v. Keith, 142 Tex 262, 177 SW2d 198 200 (Tex 1944) "

Again, Neal Adams and his client Larry Lewis do not address this accusation in any form, way, shape or fashion. Apparently, they concur.

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