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October 27, 2008



This is exactly the type of OC specific story that I'd like to see more of on Backtalk Oak Cliff.

Thank you very much!


I was just reading D Magazine's DallasDirt real estate blog and there was a comment from someone also saying that they want Oak Cliff developments to "look like vibrant Oak Cliff, not Uptown." Can someone explain what that means? I'm not criticizing. On the contrary, as a former and soon-to-be-returning Kessler Park resident, I'm genuinely curious to know specifically what Oak Cliff people want Oak Cliff to "look like."

To me, Uptown doesn't seem like a negative, especially given the alternatives -- Plano, for example. Uptown is full of old restored/repurposed homes next to newer, well-maintained, high-end apartments that provide necessary density to attract and retain restaurants, stores, galleries and other trappings of a vibrant neighborhood.

The top questions I get from people when I tell them that we're moving back to Oak Cliff are where do you shop for groceries, where do you eat, and what's close by? There's only so much to do in the wonderful Bishop Arts area.

Kelly Tomlinson

I would rather the developers went back to Plano than make MY neighborhood look like Uptown. After pouring over the corridor proposal, the two main things I dislike are exactly why they want to do it. Four and Five story buildings with a 10 foot set back and 80% lot coverage means they get more return on their investment. It also means I got to live next to it while they move on to Pleasant Grove or Forney. I get transient apartment dwellers instead of owners in my neighborhood. Unless they make them overpriced condos, then I get people who only come outside to get in their car. If this is the direction developers want to take Oak Cliff then I will have to disagree. I'd rather have bright yellow tire shops than 5 stories of yuppies on Davis.

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